The United States of America

Our Location:

Billings, Montana

Airport Information:

Name: Billings Logan International Airport (KBIL)

Elevation: 3,652 ft.

Runways: 7/25, 10L/28R, 10R/28L

Yearly Ops: 92,345


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PIREP (Pilot Report):

June 18 1840Z, Over the Rocky Mountians
     Left Bellingham, Wash one hour ago and headed to Billings, Montana for a fuel stop. Will proceed to a point further east depending on weather. Finish trip in the am.
     Yesterday had Q's fuel filter delivered from Utah Piper distribution center by Fed Ex. Took an hour to install and check engine. All looked good so we left Anchorage early afternoon and flew to Yakutat and then Ketchikan for fuel. Then went on to Bellingham which took us over the San Juan Islands and Victoria. Arrived at dusk so a very pretty sight.
     As we were climbing out this morning the altitude warning buzzer went off. I had failed to set the altitude pressurization so did so immediately and all was fine. A nice feature Q has. As noted in an earlier report, Q can fly to 30,000ft. Cabin is pressurized so no oxygen masks required. Works by diverting compressed air from the jet engine before it mixes with fuel into the cabin. A failure of the pressurization system is a problem that requires an immediate descent. Otherwise the crew and passengers will be afflicted with hypoxia, a condition resulting from too little oxygen. Two main signs of hypoxia: blue coloring under the fingernails and a feeling of euphoria However, the problem with these signs occurring together is that you are likely to look at your finger nails and say 'I should wear blue finger nail polish more often. It looks really good." As the hypoxia worsens, the next sign is likely going to be one of the passengers starting to sing 'I Feel Good' by Bo Didly. In the final stages the pilot will be singing ABBA tunes which will lead to the following radio call: 'Yo, air traffic control, this is Dancing Queen at flight level.....Actually I have no idea where I am but it feels really high.'
     Next report will be from my desk at home. Lots of retrospective on the entire trip but will need some time to digest all that has transpired If you have followed these reports, thanks for your time and interest. It will be good to be home - Mike

Local Info:


Population: 101,876, USA: 304,059,724

Landmarks: Billings Logan International Airport

Currency: US Dollar

Links: Billings Info